Nail Studio

File & Polish Finger nails £14.00
Manicure £25.00
Luxury manicure £30.00
File & Polish Toe nails £17.00
Pedicure £33.00
Luxury Pedicure £38.00

Calgel Nail Enhancements

Calgel is a revolutionary product that will not crack.chip or peel. Applied to the natural nail, it dries immediately, with no concerns for scuffs or smudging. Calgel is everlasting and only comes off when you decide you want a change of colour! Calgel is completely safe to use and a pleasure to wear.

Calgel has been researched, developed and refined over many years by nail experts. It does not contain the chemicals and ingredients found in some other products which seal off and inhibit the natural nail.

Natural nails are able to respire and grow healthily under the protective layer of Calgel.

Calgel Overlays for Hands
(Application of gel to strengthen & protect natural nails)
Introductory set of Overlays with aftercare £46.50
French or coloured £35.00
Clear overlays £30.00
Soak off with Overlays
French or coloured £37.50
Clear overlays £32.50
Calgel Overlays for feet £35.00

Gems, transfers & designs are available at an additional cost.

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